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Lab Services

The Nieuwland Feed & Supply laboratory specializes in NIR technology offering analyses on a wide variety of different products.


Below are some of the Forages, Feeds, and Grains that can be analyzed using our state-of-the-art FOSS NIRS DS2500F:

  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Bakery Meal
  • Barley
  • Blood Meal
  • Bone Meal
  • Bread Meal
  • Broiler Feed
  • Canola Meal
  • Corn
  • Corn Distillers Dried Grains
  • Corn Gluten Feed (Hi Pro 60%)
  • Corn Gluten Feed (Lo Pro)
  • Corn Silage (BMR, etc.)
  • Feather Meal
  • Hay (Dry)
  • Layer Feed
  • Linseed
  • Meat Meal
  • Oats (Oat Hull less, oat groats)
  • Peas
  • Pork Meal
  • Silage (Haylage, Grass Silage, Alfalfa)
  • Small Grain Silage (Barley Silage, Oatlage, Etc.)
  • Soybean Full Fat
  • Soybean Hulls
  • Soybean Meal
  • Sunflower Meal
  • Swine Feed
  • Turkey Feed
  • Wheat
  • Wheat Middlings Pelleted
  • Wheat Shorts
  • Whey Powder

*INGREDIENTS & GRAINS ANALYSIS: Protein, Moisture, Fat, Fat Hydrolysis, Fiber, Ash, ADF (Ankom), NDF (Ankom), Starch Enzyme

*FORAGE ANALYSIS: Ash, Dry Matter, Protein, Net Energy Lactation, Crude Fat, ADF, Non-Structural Carbohydrates, Insoluble Fiber, Potential Digestibility, NDF(OM), Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, ADFN, A fraction, B fraction, D fraction, E fraction, EW fraction, G fraction, K2, K8, K9, Acid Detergent Fiber Lignine, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, NDF, ADP

*FEED ANALYSIS: Protein, Fat, Moisture, Ash, Fiber, Starch, Sodium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Limestone, Sugar, ADF, NDF, ADL

*Please refer to the Specific Analysis PDF available here to see the parameters available for each individual product as not all analyses are currently available for every product.

If you require specific testing and do not see it listed here, please reach out and let us know! We are constantly looking at new ways to innovate and expand our testing services to provide the necessary information that allows you to make informed decisions and manage your operation.


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Coming Soon:

  • E. coli (STEC and E. coli 0157 including H7)
  • Salmonella
  • Total Coliforms