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“Together, we can help strengthen and grow the Canadian agricultural community.”

Our Mission

Our priority is to provide our Agri customers with sound livestock nutritional advice and the complimentary feedstuffs to enable them to grow their businesses successfully. 

Our Vision

We are an integral partner in the Ontario and Quebec livestock and grain businesses. Our vision is to provide farm producers with innovative nutritional services and quality products to enable their economic growth. 

Together, we can help strengthen and grow the Canadian agricultural community. We support Canada’s presence as a leading producer of food for Canada and the World. 

Our Commitment to Quality

We are an active participant in FeedAssure®, a comprehensive feed safety management and certification program developed by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) and SGS Canada Inc. for the Canadian feed industry.

FeedAssure® was the first feed industry HACCP program developed in North America and one of the first in the world. During FeedAssures’® development of the HACCP program, Nieuwland Feed and Supply Ltd. worked closely with CFIA – HACCP development coordinators to help create some of the standard policies practiced by Canadian HACCP certified feed mills today.

All procedures involved in the manufacturing of each feed order, from the receiving of raw product, through to the shipment of finished feed and billing, are documented and reviewed daily. These measures allow us to have complete traceability and ensure that feed safety protocols are being followed.

We maintain our HACCP certification participation through an annual third-party HACCP verification audit to ensure that safety controls are effective and are being followed.  We also participate in formal audits performed by CFIA Inspectors throughout the calendar year.